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  Huai boat aware of his emotions some wrong, frowning: “Yes, how do you come, today is not your girlfriend to accompany dance practice it?”


  Lian Yang smile faded down, bent lips and said: “It’s not had a fight with her it.”
  Huai boat to stop the action of the hands, gently Tiaomei.
  You know, Lian Yang has always been to one thousand by Baishun He Siying, responsive, do not say ha南宁桑拿论坛rsh words.
  He actually will fight with He Siying?

Chapter 80 division
  Lian Yang and the reason is very simple quarrel He Siying.
  He Siying always wanted to apply for professional performers, so do not put down over Latin dance exercise.
  She has age-matched heterosexual partner, the two men have known for years, together participated in many competitions and performances, the usual practice is also common partner.
  Lian Yang know each other’s existence, though my heart feel a little awkward, never said anything down.
  Recently, he often went to visit during the summer training institutes He Siying, I have seen several times that partner.
  He Siying see each other’s eyes made him uncomfortable, the same as men, Lian Yang knew what that look meant.
  Latin dance is a more provocative dance, Lian Yang worried that a long time a北京夜网go, there will be dancing male partner to take the opportunity of robbing.
  He privately warned He Siying, her male partner further away from that, the other thought is not correct.
  He Siying can not seriously, she met the male partner’s time than he.
  In fact, today is not the first time they had a fight.
  Before this happened long before a few times unpleasant, just when things turned into a dispute, Lian Yang to step down concede those things.
  The real quarrel broke out today.
  Siying morning he went as usual, but inadvertently caught the partner to touch her breasts.
  He felt He Siying is being bullied, and sometimes anger on top, did not hold back the people to fight.
  He Siying they can maintain the boys, when contacted, said the body will inevitably be dancing, the other is unintentional.
  Lian Yang some can not accept, He Siying but accused him of reckless violence, you eat vinegar fly, two people have an argument.
  ”I do not deny that was uncomfortable, but more worried about her suffer.”

  Perhaps, perhaps he may not have been there a reason for it.


  She had to admit, she loved the wrong person.
  For the mistake, she paid his own life, so that my father’s grief sad.
  Her stature began to fade, watching Zhou Mingyu, hostility began to rise from her eyes: she would completely disappear, why can not he take away.
  Took two steps, paused, slowly dissipate hostility.
  Miss Jiang brought her here, even convenience police line, Zhou Mingyu if suddenly died in the detention room, they will be involved.
  Bale, why bother.
  He will have retribution.
  Song Zi according to Zhou Mingyu no longer see, the next second, stature, such as foam-like disappeared, no longer any trace.
  ”Little by?”Zhou Mingyu face who can not understand the look, he knelt on the ground, nervous laugh.
  Finally, with only their voices heard he simply said: “I regretted it, really.”
  Outdoor detention, Jiang sleep at the hands of little stars, above freezing temperatures disappear.
  Then, a surge of pure power injected into her body, almost in an instant turned into spiritual power.
  The spiritual power in the meridians gentle walk, and finally brought together in the pubic region, she will direct the repair to improve the two, in one fell swoop Lianqi”
  President 北京体验网did not expect the next president and also so do not give him face, very embarrassed, and quickly round the back,
  ”Well, the matter in the end is who I Shoudexia wrong has gone wrong, it’s something I will give you an explanation, and rest assured that you.”
  The more famous person coldly, “I’ll explain to wait for the President of the.”
  As to what this account is.The presence of people know very well, either recognized under the crime of the assassination, or penalties which father and daughter.
  Shen and mountain heart thump a bit, he is very clear that the President in the end is what kind of people, and if people really have to give an account of the smell, then this thing will end!
  President Shen Hos angrily marched back to his presidential palace above, a door directly dumped Shen Jia dream of a slap in the face, 淡水桑拿网glaring Road,
  ”This is the girl you said is very overcast body?The more you are the celebrity fiancee sent me?Surveys do not even look into something more than met with more failures!”

  Men seem cold, and like to see some time ago and not the same, Han Lin front man nodded and said: “Long time no see, Chu Zheng.”


  Now Lin Han Zheng Chu did not deliberately avoided, andOnly care was specifically to avoid the plot are developed in such a way, she really do not care about the.
  Chu Zheng’s eyes linger on her face for a moment and said, “My thing’s over, it will give you a recent gift.”
  After much talking to himself, his hand gestures a bit, this action is really the forest to see the goose bumps to Han.
  Chu Zheng is now a lot of really looks gloomy.
  She shook her head and said: “No.”
  In fact, this thing after she and her mom and dad said, this is actually directed at her parents come, after all the things she had finished, the most shocking fact, her mother, her mother kept saying, “how will this happen?Chu Zheng child how become such.”
  But after a few days, Lin Han Lin Han’s father found said, “Do not let Zheng Chu gave us a handle.”
  Lin Han’s father felt his wife saw the bloody hands must be scared, Lin Han’s mother is very afraid of these things.
  They did not happen, keep each other’s family revenge is not a good thing for them, but this is his old friend’s child.
南宁夜网  So let him tell Chu Lin Han Zheng.
  Lin Han said, “My dad let me tell you, their future a person, a good life.”
  Chu Zheng and stood on the spot, after Lin Han finished speaking, Jiang and Lin Han belt and clutch her left.
  Looking at Chu Zheng did not know what they thought of the face, Lin Han also no longer continue to go down and talk to him, anyway, my father’s words have brought.
  Now Chu Zheng may want a man staring at the Cheyenne River revenge.
  Lin Han turned after exclaimed, “read a year, and finally is driving this novel to read the.”
  Ginger and serious and asked, “.What novel?”
  Lin Han have a favorite novels he must also going to look at, he basically did not read Han Lin how to read.
  She blinked and said, “Yeah gossip fiction.”

86 Chapter quilt

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TOWER TOWER holmium Cangeyaoyu  Feijuanmenuu Chashijingse Guazuchejie holmium?

  Why can say that a good thing they changed their mind it?


  Middleman hesitant for a long time without coming to the point, or Zhu mother anxious, caught a lot of coins forced upon her, begged her to tell the truth, but also ensure that they do not get angry q杭州桑拿uasi.
  Eventually, the middleman was impressed by the sincerity Zhu mother, braving the risk of being old Zhu hate, bite told the truth.
  ”.The family Lang ugly too, would rather die than marry a girl.”
  Zhu mother was shocked.
  Too, too ugly Rokuro?!
  But for intermediaries face when said these words very sincere, really Zhu mother when she was joking.Indeed, with handsome looks Rokuro is nothing to be ugly so what to do with it?In fact the entire village of Xiushui that no man is a handsome looks, to say the outstanding temperament is probably scholar Yang village school, simply looks good should be Wangxiang Qin’s maiden Big Brother.Other men in the village, the farmer looks are standard, especially the old man Chu.
  High tall, physically strong, thick eyebrows.
  This is a pulse transmission Zhu family looks.
  Completely nothing to do with the handsome, but also with the ugly nothing to it?
  Until middlemen have gone a long long time, Zhu mother or froze in place back, but God.Finally, Wang Xiangqin or returned from barn to see her mother’s silly not to stand in bewilderment main room door, eyes北京夜网论坛 look away, he looked carefully, but there is no focal length.
  Wang Xiangqin shocked, busy hand in front of Zhu mother swing, higher Shenghuan several times, this Kankan Zhu mother to bring back the soul.
  ”Ye?”Zhu mother asked subconscious.
  ”mother?”Wang Xiangqin want to say, you asked me why, and your soul look like old vice outside the travel days before people could not help but ask how the.
  Fortunately, Zhu mother quickly recovered, think of things long ago, suddenly lap dog eat dog: “I finally looked to Lang with a wife, people despise him ugly!”
  Wang Xiangqin:.

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  And other nursery opened the door, Yuyao Yao wearing sunglasses masks, dragged Shen Yi Chong to go in..


  ”Which classroom Yeah?”
  The couple opt to squeeze past the window.
  Shen warm out today, Yuyao Yao in order to coax her, especially her new dress to wear the rainbow colors of a gradient, gave her a comb bud head.
  So good positioning.
  They look, almost immediately saw a small group of toy warm at the table.
  Petal head has gone, it is est北京桑拿imated that distort the nap, again gave her teacher a small pony tail comb.
  But a rainbow skirt is very eye-catching, in the middle of a group of children are particularly bright.
  Although not hear chatter inside a child’s voice, but the couple could see the kids of communication behavior.
  I saw a child, around the sink next to the warm, he has reached out to her little hands.
  ”What are they doing?”
  Yuyao Yao could have been his own daughter’s trust, not in addition to self-care ability, IQ rest her daughter is enough enough.
  But this was her first time to see the children interact, but also some curious.
  Shen Yi Chong also twist from the eyebrows, “I grab her toy?”
  Dad worries on the line!
  But soon, they saw Shen warm behavior.
  Small flour dumpling from his backpack, rolled, offer to give the skirt a little Barbie doll and gave it ranked first child.
  Shen Yi Chong look to frown again and again.
  北京桑拿按摩But soon, small pink dumpling on from that at the top of her little friends hands back a packet of biscuits.
  Shen Yi Chong raised an eyebrow, “They exchanged?”
  ”White Lover Yeah, crunchy biscuits, sweet creamy.A slightly bang crisp, slowly melting in the mouth.”
  Yuyao Yao instantly put Shen Yi Chong pushed to the side, staring.
  ”This delicious!”
  Shen Yi Chong: “.”

  Hospital is a private maternity hospital, no accident, then square fennel also produced here, the domestic hospital confinement suites are very expensive, not cheaper than production abroad, although a lot of people like to go to Hong Kong and the United States have children , landing there outside the foreign accounts, fennel can be square or want their children born in the country, like her every day to absorb PM2.5, bliss when in trouble with.


  Of course, this depends on the meaning of Yu Wen Qian.
  ”Mrs. Yu, you come with me.”Staff very mild, smiled and asked,” Recently there is no uncomfortable bar?How to morning sickness reaction?”
  ”You can also, no morning sickness reaction.”
  ”Young in the end广州桑拿网 good physique, I’ll be a super-B, this time finishing up the next big row when abnormal again on the line.”
  Fang fennel smiling, nodding, who knows the medical staff looked for a long time staring at the screen, like not believe the same, but a closer look a long time, also other staff also called in to see a few people together, a look of surprise final look to the side fennel.
  ”Mrs. Yu, you do not know that you are pregnant with twins yet?”

Chapter 61
  ”what did you say?”
  ”Mrs. Yu, your last physical examination was not detected out of it?Your B-results is clearly pregnant with twins, you see here, here is a baby, here is another, intrauterine pregnancy twins, not be wrong.”
  Fang fennel is this saying ignorant, she and Yu Wen Qian genes are not twins, pregnant with twins, how could it?Natural winning twins, which are so small chance she hit, do cultivators are easy to twins?While the former party fennel also thought twins, pregnancy can be true to yourself Shique do not want a pregnant two tires, high risk twins, kids are prone to premature birth, pregnant woman’s belly will be a great support, many pregnant women even need to post a wheelchair pushed, the more chance of cesarean section is much larger.
  But then she thought, she was afraid of hair ah?She’s across the back, but she has been practicing, practicing with her two baby together, not Miaozai?People in poor health, her body Leverage, others fear a long stretch marks, her body can automatically repair, body deformation others fear, she obsessed with formulas or draw a symbol on the convex fairy cause, so she is in fact pregnant with twins a time-saving effort worry thing that a pregnant stomach two, to save more wasted ten months, so I thought, she was not an ordinary good luck!
  When you go out, Fang fennel want to tease Yu Wen Qian, deliberately did not speak for a long time, Yu Wen Qian noticed that she does not look normal, she pulled Chen Sheng asked: “Fang fennel, how the?”
  Fang fennel head down, long sigh, a little lonely, eyes seems to hide tears, especially that has been shaking his head laments the way, it is clearly experiencing a major event.
  On the way back side fennel has never speak, he seems to think about life, and what seems to think sad thing, in short, back to his eyes downcast, such as what to do in the digestive discomfort.Yu Wen Qian seeing, long silence, her face can not call to the hospital, only let her daze for a long time.
  After arriving home, Yu Wen Qian pushed her against the wall, will fall upon her arms pressed to the wall, dark eye staring at her.
  ”Fang fennel, do not speak, no matter what, you just know, there I was, you never let a little aggrieved.”
  Fang fennel paused, then sighed, grabbing eye, said: “My husband, you must be psychologically prepared.”
  Yu Wen Qian looking the same, his brow furrowed, his near side fennel, head touching her forehead, hoarse voice: “Is it a problem child?Fang fennel,杭州桑拿 children are our crystal, not our all, you can not because the child is not born to torture yourself, even if the tire can not hold, you want it, we can also pregnant next.”

  I ran trance and said: “It’s like something dragged my feet.”


  Just then everyone guess I was not kidding when Jiang Mian voice sounded: “Yes plants, more than the teacher was entangled in weeds.”
  As long as people do not like trouble, then everyone continue to do your own, then sat in a chair to rest more than slow God, his assistant asked if he was concerned about the discomfort which.
  However, it has been twisted eyebrows, no loose before, he asked assistant: “Yes, I save Xiaojiang?”
  ”Yes, I brother, Miss Jiang just really super handsome, we never noticed how you sink into the water, she was the first to discover, apart from anything else then turned and swam back to save you, if it is her.”Assistant tone, a deep and scared.
  Having assistant and Tucao pool, do not blame the staff in advance in the water Mopai knew there are plants, not no such thing as soon as possible to clear the.
  However, more than puzzled, he always felt that where there is wrong.
  Tang Anan here for ginger rub the sleep medication right forearm in a green silt wine, ginger sleep just explained to her that accidentally slightly to a stone.
  Although only a small group of green silt, but Jiang Mian delicate white skin, so a liner, a bit grim, TANG placed soft action, while curious: “Mian Mian, how do you know more than the teacher being entangled in the weeds?”
  Jiang Mian: “Guess, otherwise a good person, how would suddenly disappear, mostly entangled plants.”
  Tang Anan said she felt justified, nodded his head, and soon she found ginger sleep in a good mood, happy event, like what if encountered.
  Ginger can upset sleep Well, her eyes down to the quiet of the lake, she had no idea that, actually met in this small pool in a Kelpie.
  The other has been quietly lurking, if not then I suddenly disappear, someone exclaimed, her back felt wrong, really you can not detect its presence.
  This time practicing slow, this is right at your fingertips spiritual power, but just because people on shore, she ran more than they have to come up with reall广州桑拿论坛y good hands, can only temporarily let go of each other.
  I ran slowly for a moment, come thanked Jiang Mian.
  Jiang Mian recover the pool watching eyes, she smiled and said: “I do not have a teacher so polite, should I be entangled in weeds, you will certainly save me, right.”
  However, I startled a little, nodded solemnly: “It is natural.”
  ”It does not have to.”Jiang Mian blink his eyes, she was not really at ease on this thing, then save more than just moving hands of just a small thing.
  The original book while he was pursuing the many men with GUAN Xin, but the original owner and not any hatred, nor had for the original owner.But the original book there are no more than about filming and then drowning description, I do not know it because she changed her story exigencies.
  After such an episode, after no longer a problem, behind the play was very smooth finished, getting off work back to the room, ginger sleep finally received a reply actor father.
  - After seeing it, and she sent a message to Qinjing Run, but did not return Qinjing Run.
  ”Baby, Daddy just ended activities.”Many people around, bad call, Qinjing Run fast typing,” how about filming today?”

Chapter 27


  Linda Shun with his brother squatted on the edge of the yard, dig in the dirt with a twig to play, from time to time to observe his face turned secretly stepmother, stepmother and so if i feel over here when Linda Shun and quickly buried, plucked wet mud his brother rubbing mud egg sub.
  Zhao know Linda Shun orange peek at her and felt uneasy with estimated.
  But now not in the mood to go to Zhao orange coaxing children, has even hesitate either to keep two small children holding point distance.
  Previous back when Lin Ershun a “mother”, Zhao Hande orange shuddered at the time a loose arm, good suspension did not fell to the Liner Shun.
  After Zhao Orange did not say anything with a straight face, I thought there used to test the brother of Linda Shun see my heart thump, although in the end can not tell how, can know stepmother seems to not like them to call her “Mom.”.
  Do stepmother did not like them?That why they are so good?Deliberately coaxTheir future will be worse?It should not be more happy right now deliberately show?
  Linda Shun completely do not understand, and he certainly did not know Zhao Orange outset no to them as her own son, even family think.
  As good for them, the one Zhao orange text itself is a no money, but also sa上海夜网id that the village’s drinking well water, free.
  Eat to live at home but are Linda Shun.Accounting for someone else’s benefit, Zhao first Orange had to make up for the return of the psychological attitude.
  Secondly Linda Shun with Liner Shun are more sensible obedient.
  People are social animals, a person inevitably starved for companionship, through orange Zhao is a former life, after coming through, whether voluntary or forced by reality, Linda Shun two brothers have become her life’s companion, getting along after a period of time can not be restrained emotion arises.
  This may sound today Liner Shun mother, but suddenly wake up orange Jiaozhao.
  Zhao yard basking in the orange bent over all branches receive under the eaves heap pigsty good, looking almost time, she turned to the kitchen to light a fire Xiguo.
  Zhao did tonight then told Linda Shun orange to light a fire, and did not call Liner Shun around to teach them both a few fingers, silently alone burned the water, let the water against the two brothers went to take a bath.
  ”..You do not help the two along a bath?I’m afraid I gave him wash clean.”